Daniel Snow

CEO and Founder of The Snow Agency, a performance and social media marketing agency that is disrupting the ecommerce landscape for DTC brands.


The Power of Combining Great Creative and Data

June 30, 2021
Daniel Snow

In this episode, we hear how Daniel  founded Rap TV, an online platform that centralizes all things rap, and then Daniel shares what it has been like building his agency.


Show Notes:

Many marketers and marketing agencies who are great on the creative side of things often do not leverage the power of data. Daniel Snow and The Snow Agency stand out in this way because not only do they shine in creative but they have worked hard to understand the numbers, in order to help brands achieve phenomenal results. Daniel also founded Rap TV, an online platform that centralizes all things rap, helps rappers get in front of a wider audience and allows fans to discover artists they love. In this episode, we hear Rap TV’s backstory, and then Daniel shares what it has been like building his agency. While he and his team were already running an agency informally and were adept at client acquisition, they did not enjoy everything outside of marketing and ultimately felt disconnected from their brands. Now, at The Snow Agency, they can combine their love of marketing and data with brands that produce great content and products. We then get into the data side of things, where Daniel explains why the key metrics they focus on are click-through rates, cost-per-click and CPM, and he shares some client success stories. The Snow Agency does not rest on its laurels and is not afraid to iterate and work things out as they go. We also hear how they train their media buyers, why running a business without knowing the data is impossible, and tips for business owners who feel intimidated by numbers. At its core, great marketing is the simple things executed excellently, and when combined with data-driven decision-making, brands will only flourish.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know Daniel, hear Rap TV’s founding story, and where they are now.
  • What Rap TV offers rappers; a wide-reaching audience, increased streams, and interest generation.
  • Why Daniel decided to open his own agency, The Snow Agency.
  • The biggest challenge The Snow Agency faces as a fast-growing agency.
  • What Daniel is most passionate about and what he thinks his superpower is.
  • Some of the clients The Snow Agency has helped and the results they have achieved.
  • The key metrics that Daniel looks for to measure success: click-through rates, cost-per-click and CPM.
  • A story that highlights the successful combination of numbers and metrics with creative.
  • The process of choosing which creative aspect to focus on; it’s an iterative process.
  • Insights into the work Daniel and his team did with Perfect Sculpt and the results they saw.
  • What they were able to do once they segmented customer cohorts from Perfect Sculpt.
  • Daniel and his team’s process of looking at the data and subsequent decision-making.
  • The metric Daniel measures his media buyers’ success by.
  • The most valuable lesson Daniel has learned about data over his career.
  • Advice for entrepreneurs who don’t know where to start with looking at the data.
  • The ideal types of clients The Snow Agency likes to work with.

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