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Turn complex eCommerce data and marketing metrics into actionable growth with Praxis. Powerful BI dashboards and data services that help you boost sales, cut waste and start tracking what really matters.

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The End-to-End BI Solution for eCommerce:

Praxis Metrics is a full stack Data as a Service (DaaS) provider.

We take the headache out of all things data, from getting accurate tracking in place to complex BI implementations and custom dashboards.

DIY data viz solutions and lower-end managed providers all tout ease. A one-way integration between an input and a data viz tool is simple. But when you go beyond that, you need data expertise, a data warehouse ... and more.

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As you can see, "easy" turns into "expensive" really, really fast. There aren't any steps in between.

Praxis is different. We're a one-stop shop, in that we provide not just a data and analytics platform, but also a global team of data experts to help make sure that you get the most out of your data; combining expertise and experience to deliver the insights you actually need quickly and cost-efficiently.

They force you to be the experts. We actually make it easy.

We Make Your Data Work For You!

Automated Reporting

No more spreadsheet hell. Give yourself, and your team, hours of time back by automating all of your current reporting.

Real-Time Dashboards

Up-to-date dashboards that give insights when things happen, not at the end of the month.

Custom Metrics

We pull all of your data, from all of your technologies, into one place. This enables you to create custom metrics that tell the entire story of your business.

Data Validation & Purification

Not sure if your pixels are firing properly, or if the data is tracking correctly? We clean and validate to ensure your SOPs are purified to prevent DIRTY DATA.

Help for every step of your data journey:

Tracking Products

Tracking Products

Don’t have the data you need? Don’t have data that you can trust? From done-for-you services to on-demand training courses, get the resources you need to get your data done right.

Pre-built Dashboards

Pre-built Dashboards

Ready to escape spreadsheet hell? Automate, aggregate, and visualize your data with powerful ecommerce dashboards iterated, streamlined, and perfected across hundreds of implementations.

Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards

Need answers specific to your business? We can help you build custom dashboards from scratch to help solve problems specific to your business.

Data Roadmap Intensive

Data Roadmap Intensive

Don’t know where to start? Have our data experts review your business, tech stack, and goals to develop a custom data roadmap to get you where you want to go.

The insights you need to reach the next level:

Cross-platform customer LTV

Attract the right customers

  • Find out which platforms, products, and discount codes drive your best long-term customers
  • See when your customers are coming back to purchase, and what they’re purchasing
  • Discover buying patterns and optimize your upsell sequences to maximize customer value
Cross-platform customer LTV

True Cross-Platform ROAS

Reduce wasted ad spend

  • Cut through platform over-attribution and see which campaigns are actually driving sales
  • See which ads and platforms are wasting your ad budget and where you can reallocate to improve performance
Cross-platform (true) ROAS

Advanced Subscription Insights

Optimize your subscriptions

  • Discover hidden insights into when customers churn
  • Pinpoint timelines for re-engagement and upsell sequences
  • See what products are driving subscriptions and subscription revenue
Advanced Subscription Insights

Cross-platform campaign + ad analysis

Find the right message for your customers

  • Discover which ads and campaigns perform the best for you across all of your platforms
  • See which ads drive the highest ROAS, revenue, and conversions across all of your ad platforms
Cross-platform campaign + ad analysis

Agency performance comparison

Hold your agencies accountable

  • Find out who your best agencies are
  • Discover true ROAS post- agency fees
  • Pinpoint under-performing campaigns and agencies
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