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Big data is like
teenage sex

Everyone talks about it,

Nobody really knows how to do it,

Everyone thinks that everyone else is doing it,

So everyone claims that they are doing it.

-Dan Ariely

Despite the push to become data-driven, turning Data into actionable insights remains one of the largest pain points facing e-commerce and digital brands today.

Right now you may struggle to gain customer-centric insights or you may also struggle to make data initiatives inside your company valuable and profitable due to lack of knowledge, talent, time and capital budgets.

To overcome these real hurdles you need to turn to a Data-as-a-Service (Daas) provider like Praxis.

Praxis helps with everything from data roadmapping to data collection; from metrics mapping to building out actionable dashboards. You can benefit from having a trusted data partner that will help you get the insights to increase your competitive advantage and become a data-driven powerhouse!


Many companies think that they need to hire an in-house data scientist to help them tackle their Business Intelligence initiatives; but with Praxis, you can leverage an experienced team of data scientists and dashboard engineers for a fraction of the cost.

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Put an experienced team of data scientists and analysts to work on your business data

Add to you data team

Add to your team without adding to your expenses

Don’t pay full-time employees for part-time work. With Praxis, you get a team of highly trained data scientists at your disposal whenever you need them.

Trust your data

Trust your data

Leverage the power of your raw data. Praxis has built out a library of APIs and connectors to many of the most common ecommerce and advertising platforms. By extracting the raw data from the back end of these technologies, we provide clean, accurate data that you can take action on.

Benefit from experience

Benefit from experience

Learn from others' mistakes. Praxis has perfected their process over hundreds of implementations. We know the metrics and dashboards that will help you see the fastest results.

Automate your business

Automate your business

Reduce your input and still increase your output. Praxis reduces the need for human effort by automating reporting. This reduces human error, while providing you with more accurate, up-to-date information.

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Turn your data into growth: Reduce waste, increase efficiency, scale exponentially

Reduce waste,
increase efficiency,
scale exponentially.

Our goal is simple, help you turn your data into growth. We help you find your areas of waste; wasted time, effort, and money. We also show you areas of opportunity.

The rest of the formula is simple: redirect resources from your areas of waste to your areas of opportunity, and watch your business explode.

Grow your business with powerful dashboards that answer your questions.

Stop buying dashboards. Start investing in answers.

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What We Do

We are:

  • Data consultants
  • Dashboard builders
  • An outsourced data team
  • BI Platform agnostic
  • Strategic Thinkers
  • Data automation experts / API architects

We aren't:

  • Short term thinkers
  • Database administrators
  • A data compliance agency
  • Creators of a proprietary software platform

We do:

  • Build template and custom dashboard solutions
  • Automate data sources
  • Create a data source of truth
  • Simplify insights
  • Help you turn your data into growth

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