Get years of experience, expert advice, and programmatic monitoring of your data for one low cost. There are 2 stages to your BI project:

The Build Stage

The build stage is scoped out for our team's actual hours building out net-new datasets and dashboards for you to your specifications, this can happen once a year, or once a month, depending on how many aspects of your business you want dashboards for.

This stage always begins with Metrics Mapping (to get clear on scope and deliverables), then we will go and build the dashboards, validate and deliver them and make sure they are ready to be used before we transition into the optimization / maintenance stage.

The cost of the build stage is contingent on the scope of your project, and the types of dashboards that you want to build. With that being said, we have some basic estimates available for a few of our pre-built dashboards:

Digital Sales


Paid Media


Google Analytics


For reference and budgeting purposes, our average client invests $30K - $40K annually into their dashboard BUILD STAGES.

You can use this short survey to get a more accurate estimate of the cost of your build stage.

Not sure what dashboards you need?

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The optimization stage includes your monthly software subscription as well as ongoing support and training.

For all service tiers besides the reporting tier, this stage includes meetings to help train your team and hold you accountable to reviewing the dashboards, as well as ongoing consulting on new KPIs we are developing for other leaders in the industry, deep dives into your data, and executive reviews to help align your data and dashboards with your organizational goals.

If there are small tweaks and edits to your existing dashboards and existing datasets, we can make those changes for you without needing to enter a whole new build phase.

If there are big additions that are outside the optimization stage, we will simply scope it out for you and let you know the estimated cost.


No matter your size or scope of your data project, Praxis can help. With flexible payment options, we can help you spread out the cost of your data initiatives as you need.

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