Get years of experience, expert advice, and programmatic monitoring of your data for one low cost.

Implementing business intelligence initiatives in your business can be complex, tedious, and expensive. Praxis is here to take the headache out of the entire process. We offer services for every stage of your business intelligence initiative to help make everything as smooth as possible.

Praxis - Planning Stage

Planning Stage

Figure out if Praxis is the right team and if we have the right tools for you.

A Data Roadmap Intensive is designed to help you get the most out of your data and Business Intelligence initiative.

We’ll review your business model, technologies, and goals. Based on those discussions, we’ll deliver a customized roadmap that lays out project scope, aligns the data strategy with your company strategy, provides a technology roadmap and your data maturity score for several core data functions, and finally an implementation plan to rollout actionable dashboards for your entire team.

We’ll help you de-risk your investment, plan development, and, most importantly, make sure it’s built right the first time.

praxis planning stage process
Praxis Build Stage

Build Stage

The build stage is scoped out for our team's actual hours building out net-new datasets and dashboards to your specifications. This can happen once a year or once a month, depending on how many aspects of your business you want dashboards for.

This stage begins with a step-by-step process we call “Metrics Mapping” (to get clear on scope and deliverables), then our team of experts will get to work building the dashboards, validating and delivering them, and ensuring they are ready to be used before we transition into the support phase.

The cost of the build phase is contingent on the scope of your project and the type of dashboards that you want to build. With that being said, we have some basic estimates available for a few of our pre-built dashboards:

Digital Sales


LTV, Subscriptions, Retention, etc

Paid Media


Cross-platform ad performance

Google Analytics


Your most important website data

For reference and budgeting purposes, our average client invests $30K - $40K annually into their dashboard BUILD STAGES.

You can use this short survey to get a more accurate estimate of the cost of your build stage.

Not sure what dashboards you need?

Get a custom data roadmap and quote for your data project

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Praxis support stage

Support STAGE

Once you have your dashboards built, the real fun begins. You now have the tools that you need to successfully scale your business, but this is also a time where it’s easy to get lost. Praxis is here to support throughout your data maturity journey.



Praxis is platform agnostic. That means that we can build dashboards on almost any platform you choose; but since we don’t have a proprietary visualization platform, there may be licensing costs that are not included in the build phase.

We do partner with several BI/dashboarding companies, and can work with you to get special pricing. You can schedule a call with one of our data experts to get a customized quote.



Once we deliver your dashboards to you, we want to make sure you can use them to take action and scale your business. We found with some of our clients that even after being given these dashboards, they struggled to turn insight into action; that’s where our consulting services come in. This provides you with a data expert in your corner who is dedicated to helping you grow your business and turn your data into action!

Praxis has worked hard to draw in talented professionals with varying backgrounds. Our data experts come from marketing, ecommerce, healthcare, and many other industries. They can help you transform your business with their expertise.

Our data consultants combine their background and experience with your data to help you derive real value from your data. They help you bridge the gap between data and decisions, giving you confidence in your decisions moving forward and helping propel you to the next level of success.



Your license includes a base level of support, which gives you access to help with X,Y, and Z.

We also offer additional technical support for your dashboards. With Praxis Advanced Support, our goal is to enable you to maximize your value from Praxis dashboards and achieve strong, ongoing ROI while avoiding hourly billing.

Each one of our clients has a designated CSM and Dashboard Engineer, as well as direct access to tech support, training, and more. With the Praxis Support add-on, you get unlimited answers to your data and dashboard related questions, which includes:

  • Data breakage alerts
  • API diagnostics
  • Platform backend support
  • Monitoring of data flows
  • Maintenance of your APIs and data connections

If you’re looking for even more robust support, we have a Professional Support option. Praxis Professional Support includes everything from Basic and Advanced Support, plus an important addition:  

We validate your data so that you can focus on your business with peace of mind. Our team will spend 30 minutes each weekday validating the data in your dashboards against your native reports (or the validation point we’ve agreed upon).

This provides the important confidence you need in your reporting. If there are any inaccuracies, we will notify you that a fix will need to take place before you can use the appropriate KPIs.

This additional support allows you to peacefully rely on your dashboards.


No matter your size or scope of your data project, Praxis can help. With flexible payment options, we can help you spread out the cost of your data initiatives as you need.

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