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More than 50% of sites have Google Analytics installed, but less than 12% of the data is analytics

One of the primary reasons for this discrepancy is how difficult it is to find what you’re looking for in GA. How often have you logged in looking for a specific metric, and found yourself traveling down a rabbit hole of charts and reports?

You almost have to take an introductory course in order to understand the navigation, definitions, and locations of data within GA; until now.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Get your most important data displayed in a logical format

Praxis has created a Accelerated Insights Dashboard that extracts the critical numbers from your Google Analytics account and displays them simply and logically in an easy to digest format.

By piping the data into this dashboard, you can now examine your website traffic and conversion rates without having to poke through multiple layers of reports and navigation. Plus you can set up programmatic alerts that tell you when something outside of the norm occurs, allowing you to analyze outliers and determine their cause faster and easier than ever before.


Get metrics that matter

We began building out accelerated social dashboards for our clients that automatically aggregated their data and put it into a format that allowed for easy analysis and rapid insights.

We’ve tweaked, developed, and iterated this dashboard over years to produce the optimal social media dashboard. This dashboard pulls in all of your most important data from each of your social media platforms, aligns the data, and presents it in a digestible format.

Check out the reports that come with the dashboard:

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Simplify your data,
Simplify your life.

At Praxis Metrics, we are firm believers in the 80/20 rule; 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. Aggregating and collecting data are definitely not tasks that yield a solid ROI; and that’s why we built these Accelerated Insights Dashboards.

We want you to be able to iterate, grow, and scale your business, which is impossible if you’re stuck running menial tasks and getting lost in Google Analytics reports.

Let us reduce your frustration, wasted time and energy, and loss of productivity and replace it with rapid insights that help you scale your business.


What our customers are saying about praxis

Danette May

Danette May | Founder

We went from 15 sales per day to 350 sales per day on a funnel that wasn’t performing on Facebook Ads.

Mat Best

Mat Best

Vice President | Black Rifle Coffee

Praxis is great because we are able to see the HOLES and the ISSUES in our tracking, so now we can go and FIX them moving forward.

Molly Pittman

Molly Pittman

VP of Marketing | Digital Marketer

I trust and rely on Praxis dashboards for all my data!

Lisa Osborne

Lisa Osborne

CEO | Fancy Sprinkles

I am now able to toggle EXACTLY what I need to see for insights on my subscribers.

Dr Eric Edgerton

Jimmi Sparling

Founder & CEO | Life Renew + Nerve Renew

We just finished our first full fiscal year with Praxis and our profit margins are up 30%!

Michael Koski

Michael Koski

Owner & President | Get Bats Out

These metrics from Praxis have made the biggest impacts in my business this year.

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