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After working with hundreds of clients across multiple industries, we found that there were questions that everyone was asking:

We built these pre-built dashboards to answer some of the most important, pressing questions that business owners and marketers have.

Get Marketing Metrics That Matter

Answer the questions that you have about your business with these automated dashboard metrics:

Average LTV

This metric will show you the accurate lifetime value of your customers after different lengths of time, grouped by cohorts of first purchase months.

  • This one visualization answers the questions: Are the changes I am making in my marketing efforts INCREASING or DECREASING my customers’ 30, 60 and 90 day LTV?
  • In addition, you have the ability to filter this metric based on the customer’s first product purchased, original source, medium and merchant. This helps you find the variables that yield the highest LTV so that you can increase spending where it has the highest return.

Average LTV by Source

Learn which source of traffic produces the customers who spend the most with you over their lifetime. This metric will help you see the number of sales from each source and how those customers are purchasing over 30, 60 and 90 day increments.

    Days to Cancellation

    Now you will be able to identify why customers are cancelling their subscriptions based on when they cancel. Do you have a system-generated email going out that accidentally reminds your customers to cancel? Now you will know when to drip out educational materials to help reduce cancellations!

      Order Repurchase Timeline

      How long does it take customers to purchase their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th order? Is that trending up or down over time? Typically you want customers to repurchase from you on a more frequent basis. With this metric, you can compare customers over time to see when they first buy, then see what marketing efforts are attracting customers that purchase more quickly.

        Customer Repurchase Rate

        Are you attracting customers that are likely to repurchase from you?

        What % of customers purchase a 2nd, 3rd, 4th order?

        Compare customers from when they first buy from you to see if certain marketing efforts are attracting better customers.

          Retention Rates

          Retention RatesAre you attracting customers that are likely to repurchase from you?

          This metric will show you the accurate lifetime value of your customers after Quickly gather insights into what source, medium and product purchases yield higher retention rates. lengths of time, grouped by cohorts of first purchase months.

            Platforms we work with

            In just two weeks, our pre-built eCommerce dashboard integrates with the most popular eCommerce tools. Once set up, it will clearly and accurately present your most important revenue metrics — in one convenient place.

            And many more

            What Our Customers Are Saying About Praxis

            Danette May

            Danette May

            DanetteMay.com | Founder

            We went from 15 sales per day to 350 sales per day on a funnel that wasn’t performing on Facebook Ads.

            Mat Best

            Mat Best

            Vice President | Black Rifle Coffee

            Praxis is great because we are able to see the HOLES and the ISSUES in our tracking, so now we can go and FIX them moving forward.

            Molly Pittman

            Molly Pittman

            VP of Marketing | Digital Marketer

            I trust and rely on Praxis dashboards for all my data!

            Lisa Osborne

            Lisa Osborne

            CEO | Fancy Sprinkles

            I am now able to toggle EXACTLY what I need to see for insights on my subscribers.

            Dr Eric Edgerton

            Jimmi Sparling

            Founder & CEO | Life Renew + Nerve Renew

            We just finished our first full fiscal year with Praxis and our profit margins are up 30%!

            Michael Koski

            Michael Koski

            Owner & President | Get Bats Out

            These metrics from Praxis have made the biggest impacts in my business this year.

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