How DM increased organic traffic by over 52% and uncovered a hidden issue holding back their traffic

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Molly Pittman

The Pain

    The PAIN

    Digital’s website grew very rapidly and passed through the hands of many developers without any specific strategy in place for site architecture.

    Consequently there was a lack of clarity into how they could best scale the organic traffic from the content strategies, and several structural issues which hurt their SEO and limited presence on SERPs.

    The Solution

    Issues were discovered indicating an HTTP & HTTPS website. In SEO terms, Google contextually saw two websites with duplicate pages in a secure and nonsecure webpage.

    Having a duplicate page on their website is a cardinal sin of Google and Digital Marketer had several thousand pages found in HTTP and when making the switch from HTTP there were identical duplicates as HTTPS page

      The Solution

      The Effect

        The Effect

        Organic traffic recently surpassed paid traffic as our largest traffic source. Since diagnosing the issue with SEO Traffic for Digital Marketer and comparing to the previous 9 months, DM saw:

        • 52.48% increase in Session
        • 57.34% increase in New Users

        The Praxis Effect

        52.48 % Increase

        In new sessions

        57% Increase

        In New Users

        Molly Pitman

        You can't make business descisions without reliable data. I trust and rely on praxis' dashboards for all my data!

        Praxis’ Analytics Audit not only gave us insight into where our most valuable traffic was coming from, it also uncovered a critical issue with our site structure that we didn’t even know existed! After fixing this structural issue, we have seen an increase in organic traffic every single week.

        Molly Pittman - V.P. of Marketing, Digital Marketer Labs

        Praxis Services Used:

        Data Services

        Google Analytics Audit

        Praxis Custom Dashboard

        Praxis Custom Dashboard

        Data Consulting

        Praxis Consulting

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