How automated reporting increased efficiency and helped sales reps close more deals

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EMS has been a recognized leaders in representing electrical and utility manufacturers through Utah, Idaho, Nebraska and Nevada since 1975.


The Pain

    The PAIN

    EMS had all of their sales and operations data spread out in different technologies. From Salesforce to homegrown disparate databases to un-structured manufacturer reports. The main problem was getting all the data combined into one useful reporting system.

    They lacked a clear picture of what was working in their business.

    The Solution

    When data is spread out everywhere and people are pulling exports manually from different technologies, there is too much wasted time and resources. Our team at Praxis started working with the EMS to map out all of the metrics and reverse engineer an automated approach.

    We were able to bring all of their reporting systems together for a full picture of their business, as well as identify crucial trends. This new “clarity” around their data gave insight into what exactly was going on with a customer before they completely dropped off.

    The new simple reporting structure gave EMS sales reps a new conversation starter with the customers on why they haven’t been ordering. Now the sales reps have a better closing rate and know what solutions to offer. This resulted in their sales team becoming more effective when they visit customers with useful, clear and professional looking reports and have the ability to pull up specific information on their tablet if the customer asks for specifics.

      The Solution

      The Effect

        The Effect

        EMS had a very complicated dynamic with their customers and manufactures in the way the received payment as an Agency. Our Praxis team took the time to understand, not only what reporting they wanted & needed, but also how their company operated and all of the idiosyncrasies that go along with our various monthly reports.

        The Praxis Effect

        100's of hours saved

        Each Month

        Increased sales

        More sales, less time

        Pete Jones

        Our experience with Praxis far surpassed our expectations.

        We have been very happy with Praxis, from start to finish and ongoing, as they have been professional, organized and thoughtful in all actions. Our experience has been extremely positive. We strongly urge you to use the talent at Praxis. Knowledge is power and bringing accurate reporting is well worth the time and financial cost.

        Pete Jones - President

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