Encompass Health used Praxis to take advantage of their existing infrastructure

Encompass health

Encompass Health provides inpatient and home-based care to help patients with rehabilitation and hospice care. Their focus on empathy and community sets them apart.

The Pain

    The PAIN

    Encompass Health was initially just using Domo for their data visualization, but they wanted to get more training on how to best utilize the program. Seeing as Encompass Health is still a small company, they couldn’t afford to dedicate an employee to learning the platform.

    Contracting with Praxis allowed them to have an outsourced data team available whenever they need, but at a fraction of the cost of an employee. This also allows them to take control of the platform and learn at their own pace, and then whenever they need help, Praxis can step in to help.

    The Solution

    Praxis helped them with the visualization of their data as well as the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load). The process of ETL is to take data that is formatted, reported, and measured differently in disparate systems and standardizing it so that it can be visualized together.

    The team at Encompass knew what they wanted their data to look like, and then the team at Praxis was able to execute on that vision. We set up their data as an executive view, with the option to drill down into specifics. In the healthcare industry, most people focus on the executive level summary. From there, individuals may want to drill down into the details; so we set up their dashboards with that option. The Encompass team could set up the executive view, but the Praxis team also created a drill down path for them as well.

      The Solution

      The Effect

        The Effect

        Encompass Health knew that they wanted customization first and foremost. The dashboards that we built allowed them to do just that.

        Another benefit was the outsourced data team; as they stated, Austin is a powerhouse of an employee. Austin knows data extremely well, and can create almost anything that the mind can conjure.

        Being able to take their data on the go, and view it wherever they need to has also helped them tremendously.

        Josh Ice

        We all had a vision of what we wanted it to look like, and then Praxis was able to put that into practice.

        Everybody’s got a little bit of a different spin on what they want to view, so that’s what we love about this product and you guys… One (person) wants to look at one thing, but then the next one wants to go ten-fold into that information, and we can dig in there and dive in there with them.

        Josh Ice - Director of Operations

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