How Get Bats out Increased sales by more than 100% and eliminated a full-time role

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Get Bats Out is an American pest removal company that was looking to get more consistent growth and insights into their business.

Get Bats Out is THE industry leader in bat removal, with over 25 years of experience. They operate in 43 states across the US and have 5 different offices across the country.

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The Pain

    The PAIN

    Get Bats out struggled with getting timely, actionable data.

    Because their business is so seasonal, the summer time is extremely busy for them. They don’t have time to chase down numbers and run analysis on them; so they put that all off until the winter. 

    This made them slower to adapt and adjust their strategies, and caused the owner to stress out because of the lack of insight into his business.

    The Solution

    Get Bats Out knew that data was a difficulty for them, so they hired a full-time employee just to manually gather their data and try to make it more actionable for them.

    Even with a full-time employee working on it, they still had too much downtime and weren't able to get the timely data that they needed.

    Finally, they came to Praxis, and Praxis built them a mix of custom and accelerated dashboards that allowed them to keep a finger on the pulse of the business.

      The Solution

      The Effect

        The Effect

        Get Bats Out is up 102% YoY, and beat their sales targets by 174%!

        Additionally, they were able to eliminate the full time data aggregation role, all while getting cleaner, more accurate data.

        As Michael Koski, the founder and CEO of GBO, put it, “(This dashboard) is more effective at a fraction of the cost.”

        Their operations manager is now able to essentially run their entire role off of just three cards in the dashboard.

        Finally, Michael used to stress out all summer over things that his intuition was telling him, but now he is able to back his intuition up with data and make adjustments on the fly.

        The Praxis Effect

        Over 100% YOY Growth

        with custom insights.

        Real-time insights

        allowing them to pivot and adjust faster

        Praxis Services Used:

        Outsourced Data team

        Dashboard Engineers

        Data consulting

        Praxis KPI Consulting

        Pre-built multi-source dashboard

        Praxis Pre-Built Dashboards

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