HOw Irollie went from manually pulling numbers from hundreds of sites to automated reporting

iRollie Marketing

Founded in 1998, Irollie Marketing is a market leader in both direct response marketing and media buying in the health, fitness, and wellness industry.

Having created a massive marketing organization, they naturally created massive databases that they needed to analyze. That's where Praxis came in.

Marketing channels

The Pain

    The PAIN

    Irollie had a reporting problem. 

    They had more than 77 Clickbank accounts, 90 different affiliate sites, and hundreds of email reports that they were struggling with.

    Each of these platforms required Irollie employees go in and manually extract the data, which was tedious, difficult, and expensive.

    The Solution

    Praxis was able to create dashboards that automatically extracted the data from each of these platforms. 

    Once the data was extracted, Praxis was also able to start creating custom reports for Irollie that weren’t possible before. This helped them analyze their data in more strategic ways, finding patterns and opportunities.

      The Solution

      The Effect

        The Effect

        Irollie now has clarity into their business in a way that they never had before. At a glance, they can now see their revenue per email, affiliates, and product. 

        They can also see which products perform best with which affiliates, allowing them to better pinpoint partners to promote their products and services.

        They now save thousands of dollars every month simply by not having to pay someone to chase down the data that they need; as well as increasing their revenue through incremental improvements in their targeting and offers.

        The Praxis Effect

        6 Custom Dashboards

        built with custom insights

        Hundreds of hours saved

        Massive monthly time savings

        Praxis Services Used:

        Outsourced Data team

        Dashboard Engineers

        Data consulting

        Praxis KPI Consulting

        Pre-built multi-source dashboard

        Praxis Pre-Built Dashboards

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