How Linkvest Capital improved their investor relations

and saved thousands of dollars in quarterly overhead with their Praxis Dashboards

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Praxis significantly reduced “human error” opportunity by automating all of our data

Praxis is amazing and exceeded our expectations by delivering solutions instead of problems. We now have time to focus on more important projects instead of working manually. Praxis also significantly reduced “human error” opportunity by automating all of our data directly from our technologies. We are also presenting better reports to our clients which are more comprehensive and allow for deeper analysis.

Camilo Restrepo - Partner


Linkvest Capital is a private equity firm that identifies, analyzes, structures, leads, and supervises the businesses that it invests in.

Linkvest looks for alternative financial opportunities as well as operating businesses in order to generate value and growth as well as stable and recurring cash flow for its co-investors.

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The Pain

    The PAIN

    Camilo Niño, partner at Linkvest Capital, wanted to reduce the amount of time the team was wasting each quarter compiling manual investor reports.  They would spend hours working on each report, manually compiling the financial data, then adding in custom feedback on each one.

    Their pain was every hour the team spent on manual reports was taking them away from their true value in the business, and was a HUGE opportunity cost.

    The Solution

    Imagine running a business where your team spends more time in spreadsheets and powerpoint than serving your clients.

    Unfortunately, most businesses have team members who are stuck in those roles.  In addition, Linkvest works with investors who weren’t getting valuable insights until 3 months later.  They didn’t have their valuable information, in the right format, at the right time. Not understanding having your reports automated and shared amongst every stakeholder can keep you and your businesses from progressing to the next level.

    Fortunately, Camilo Restrepo, Partner at Linkvest Capital, didn’t make that mistake. It was time for his company to grow…and fast. He wanted to better communicate with his investors and allow them deeper insights into their portfolios, trends, and results.  He set out and implemented a dashboard to help, and oh how it did!

      The Solution

      The Effect

        The Effect

        Instead of relying on human data entry, Praxis helped Linkvest Capital create an automated flow of information DIRECTLY from the systems into beautiful, streamlined investment reports for all clients.

        This gives clients the opportunity to interact with the report themselves and gives them even more information, in a practical visual dashboard.

        The reports are now more comprehensive and allow for deeper analysis by both the investors and the Linkvest team.

        The Praxis Effect

        Live Reporting

        instead of quarterly

        Thousands Saved

        in team overhead each quarter

        Praxis Services Used:

        Outsourced Data Team

        Praxis Dashboard Implementation

        Data Consulting

        Praxis Consulting

        Praxis Custom Dashboard

        Praxis Custom Dashboard

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