Organifi utilized Praxis to create a culture of "data for all"

and increase accountability across the board


Organifi is a superfood lifestyle company. They are a data- and purpose-driven health & wellness company, striving to provide organic, all-natural, vegan, non-GMO products to all.

The Pain

    The Pain

    Organifi was stuck in spreadsheet hell. Transparency was an important value, and they used it to measure daily performance across every department… but it was 100% manual.

    If the spreadsheet wasn’t updated by hand, the data was useless.

    They needed live data that didn’t rely on manual input and wasn’t subject to human error.

    The Solution

    The LTV dashboard can be viewed by cohort, so their e-commerce team can see lifetime value of a customer based on the channel they use to shop, or based on the products purchased.

    Another big win for Organifi was a new “Daily Units Sold” visualization to correct an inconsistency in their previous data. Their previous metric of shipping times varied by channel, creating a lag. This new dashboard shows a more functional picture of their business model.

    Their “Daily 30” dashboard shows lives impacted over the course of 30 days – a driving metric for this purpose-driven organization.

    Now, Organifi knows that their source data is accurate and reliable, because it’s both live and not manually entered.

      The solution

      The Effect

        The effect

        Every day at 9 AM, managers and directors gather together in the conference room with 6 giant TVs. Each department puts their data up on the screen and presents the previous day’s performance against their KPIs.

        Every person has the opportunity to stand up and own their KPI. It increases accountability, keeps everyone on track, and inspires some friendly competition.

        Now, with their dashboards, everyone can see all of the moving parts.

        Organifi’s dashboards have leveled up everyone – from individuals to the company as a whole – to create a “lift effect”.

        Mae Steigler

        What Praxis has done is allowed us to confidently use data for decisions in our business.

        We’ve been working on data visualization with accuracy for more than 2 years now… where we came from is such a different place from where we arrived, even with the short amount of work that we’ve done with Praxis so far. The Praxis team has been incredibly enjoyable to work with. They truly feel like part of the team. We have them visit the offices and I kinda wish they’d just work here with us.

        Mae Steigler - COO

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