How Outdoor Voices quickly visualized their enormous database of raw data into actionable insights

 Outdoor Voices

An American clothing company, founded by CEO Tyler Haney in New York City in 2013 and headquartered in Austin.  

They design and sell women’s and men’s athletic apparel both online and at over 20 of their retail stores in New York City, Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Aspen, Dallas, Boston, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Nashville.

 Outdoor Voices

The Pain

    The PAIN

    Outdoor Voices has an incredible data team to handle the vast amount of information they get from their retail location POS system, their online e-commerce platforms, and all other technologies they use.  

    The problem is, not every person in the company is a data scientist, so it’s hard for each team member to get the answers to specific questions without giving the data team a backlog of requests.

    The Solution

    Imagine having every team member bottlenecked with a lack of information, and what that might be costing the organization in wasted time, efforts, and energy.  Each team member is forced to create their own ad hoc spreadsheets so that they have quick insights.  Not only is that a duplication of efforts, it leaves the organization open for human error and siloed information.

    Unfortunately, many businesses operate like this because it’s not easy to convert all the raw data into digestible insights that the non-technical team members can understand and, more importantly, take action from.

    Fortunately, Outdoor Voices reached out to Praxis in order to disseminate their key findings to the rest of their team via dashboards.

      The Solution

      The Effect

        The Effect

        In all the years of Praxis working for retailers and e-commerce companies, Praxis has refined their ability to provide the most important KPIs in easy-to-digest dashboards.  

        With each implementation, Praxis refines and automates their logic and coding, which frees up their team to focus on customization for the uniqueness of each organization.  

        This history and insight allowed Praxis to deliver entire customized dashboards (with 22 metrics) to Outdoor Voices in 6 days.  These incredible visualizations typically take months to build, but Outdoor Voices was able to save thousands of dollars by partnering with Praxis.

        Some of the key metrics we built included:

        • LTV by Source
        • LTV by Fabric
        • Revenue by Category and Product
        • Store level KPIs
        • Customer Retention rates
        • Bundled SKU / Kit performance

        The Praxis Effect

        22 KPIs

        built with custom insights

        6 days

        complete turn-around time

        Praxis Services Used:

        Outsourced Data team

        Dashboard Engineers

        Data consulting

        Praxis KPI Consulting

        Pre-built multi-source dashboard

        Praxis Pre-Built Dashboards

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