UTM Foundations Course

Cleaner data • Confidence in reporting • Increased efficiency

UTMs can transform your analytics data and increase the value of your marketing efforts

New to UTMs? No worries, we’ve got you covered. We can take you from zero to hero in just one course. We’ll take you through questions like:

The #1 mistake 90% of companies make when tracking revenue:

Not using UTMs for all online marketing efforts

What is a UTM?

UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module, and is a way for you to pass customized information into Google Analytics.

UTMs are parameters you can build into your links to tell your analytics software exactly where someone came from. This course teaches you more about how to use UTMs to take your data to the next level.


Why are UTMs important?

UTMs can add clarity, value, and depth of knowledge to your tracking data.

They remove the guesswork from ROI and give you granular insights into your marketing efforts.

    Tracking data clarity using UTM

    How do UTMs affect my business?

      UTMs to grow business

      UTMs contain critical information for your marketing department.

      While it’s great for everyone to be informed about UTMs, if you’re just starting out, begin with your marketing department.

      The people who are responsible for building your Google Ads campaigns, email campaigns, promotional landing pages, and any affiliate relationships should immediately put the learning outcomes from this course into action.

      What you’ll get:

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      UTM Foundations Course


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