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How Nerve Renew became data rich

How Nerve Renew became data rich

Jimmi Sparling is the founder and CEO of the Neuropathy Treatment Group, which owns and operates several other brands, including LifeRenew and NerveRenew.

He has been a Praxis client for a little over a year, and across that time he has seen some major changes in his business; some of which we’ll document here.

When Jimmi first joined the Praxis community, one of the first things that we were able to help him with was discovering what sources drove the best customers for him. Based off that data, he was able to update his affiliate commission structure to better reflect the value of each of his affiliates. He said:

I’ve enjoyed really learning about my business from Praxis! One great insight we’ve had from the Praxis dashboard is identifying different sources and affiliates who are sending really good volume and customer value. We’ve taken that insight from Praxis and created bonus structures for them to ramp up their scale and send us more leads and increase our revenue!

Then, during the 2020 election season, Jimmi noticed that his numbers were down across the board. He was feeling stress and anxiety around hitting their numbers but just wasn’t seeing the results he wanted to be seeing, while trying all sorts of actions to fix this situation. He then decided to see if anything like this had happened before. 


He discovered that something similar had happened at this same election time in his business from 2016. This gave him major peace of mind and lower anxiety to know that this was to be expected and that the current reduction in performance was significantly better than the last election cycle.


So, he decided that rather than worrying about the short term issues, he planned for and implemented tactics for after the elections. This allowed him to stop wasting increased time, energy, and money on trying to fix a situation that was out of his control.

When we caught up with Jimmi earlier this year, he told us about the fact that he has been able to increase his overall profitability even while seeing reduced customers. Check out the video below for his full testimonial:

Jimmi’s story illustrates an important point that we often make at Praxis: there is no wrong way to use data.

Depending on how you use it, data can help you improve your offerings, reduce workload and anxiety, or scale your business.

If you’re looking to accomplish any of these, Praxis Metrics will gladly become your data partner, and help you achieve your goals. We have a collection of pre-built dashboards that include some of the most important general business metrics; as well as the capacity to build customized dashboards that help you answer the most important questions for your business specifically.

If you’re ready to partner with Praxis, check out our pricing page for more info on our different data packages and solutions.